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In Power Tuning we use our experience in lighting, and our passion for serving our clients, to reach superiority and perfection. Power Tuning does not focus only on energy efficiency in its solutions and products; but on its service effectiveness too.

The founder have been involved in lighting projects since 2005. Lately in 2013, he started working through Power Tuning; a house of lighting fixtures, technologies & controls.


Our scope of work covers all aspects of lighting projects.
We offer consultancy services including: Lighting concepts, performing design drafts, architectural lighting designs with needed simulations and calculations. We also provide electrical & lighting documents, drawings and specifications.
Additionally, we can customize special designs of fixtures and integrated architectural solutions for your project. We also can supply and execute our lighting designs, solutions and systems. We carry out all electrical and structural installations needed to ensure the implementation quality of lighting designs.


Our products range from lighting fixtures, modules & lamps- both indoors and outdoors, through lighting special systems for specified applications, to lighting components and lighting controls systems.




Explore a large number of applications using innovative lighting and LED solutions. Lighting is the common factor for construction & building projects. It improves the well-being, both by satisfying the normal standards and/or by experiencing the customised effect tailorated for a specified project, through the state-of-the-art technologies like HCL solutions. Moreover, energy efficient and connected lighting solutions enhance the concept of smart cities, which is acheivable by lighting controls systems.


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