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Lighting Controls fulfilling different lighting designs tsrgets with the use of new lighting controls technologies in different lighting projects applications

Founded in 2002, Fidelix has developed an intelligent, reliable and widely compatible building automation system from the beginning. Today, our expertise in intelligent building automation benefits our customers, e.g. in the form of better indoor conditions, lower energy consumption and lower maintenance costs.

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System Architecture

BMS system architecture with different components


A powerful and scalable tool for the overall control of building technology.

Using machine learning, Fidelix Flow_how is an easy-to-use software that helps harness the huge amount of data produced by building automation to support the decisions of owners and administrators - easily and intuitively. Flow_How helps to optimize resources, identify risks and anticipate the future.

visualization & home center control

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Range of Products

BMS Fidelix range of products


Office case controlling temperature and lighting with BMS


EasyOffice in Practice

An example of the possibilities of interface integration



Products Catalogue 2021 (pdf)