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Newsletter - 2019 - 2 (Apr. - Jun.)

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Daylighting basics presentation


Handbook of Presence Detection - EXTRONIC

  One convenient and cost-effective way of reducing unnecessary lighting is to install a system that only provides lighting when it is needed. An effective system must react to the presence of people and in some cases the amount of daylight, as well as providing the option for manual control.

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STATE OF THE ART: Sensors in the Connected Lighting Systems

A digital interface, with built-in future. With the digital Z-COM interface and an open data protocol, the electronic control gear unit offers crucial advantages:

  • Connectivity / Open Source Platform / Decentralised Intelligence

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Air Conditioning Controller

A surface mounted air conditioning (AC) controller that provides auto on/auto off switching of infrared controlled AC units, based on occupancy. As it controls use, significant energy savings can be achieved.

Download its datasheet.

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High Bay Detection in DALI control system

The warehouse is always open and when the work requirements change, so does the lighting. The X5 Retail Group required a centralised lighting control system with the ability to be able to select different scenarios for managing the whole facility and its zones.

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