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Newsletter - 2019 - 1 (Jan. - Mar.)

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Daylighting basics presentation


Daylighting Basics Presentation

  In the daylighting design, we use the building itself to become "the luminaire". The windows and skylights deliver daylight to the interior spaces, while the building surfaces act as shading devices and reflectors to direct and shape the resultant daylight distribution.

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Daylight Pattern Guide

New Buildings Institute in partnership with the University of Idaho and University of Washington has developed a freely available interactive tool for the design of proven daylighting strategies in a variety of building types.

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download a study case illustration for a FO daylighting system for interior building lighting  


Fiber Optics Daylighting System

Fiber optics have enabled functional and architectural fine touch lighting solutions for many projects, but lately have found even more innovative applications for interior daylighting.

Download a study case illustration for a FO daylighting system for interior building lighting.

Skycalc 3_Graphic -Results1  


Daylightig Tools: SkyCalc

SkyCalc™ is a simple spreadsheet tool that helps building designers determine the optimum skylighting strategy that will achieve maximum lighting and HVAC energy savings for a building. This program is a Microsoft Excel™ application that runs on a personal computer.

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