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Newsletter - 2018 - 1 (Jan. - Mar.)

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Our Suppliers' Projects

A new service has been launched in our website, where you can surf through hundreds of projects done worldwide by our suppliers. This will give you a better view on our suppliers' products and solutions.

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Explore our new guide in Lighting for Industrial Applications  

New Industrial Guide for Lighting Fixtures and Lighting Controls technologies.

With many useful informtion on industrial lighting designs and special technical data on Hazardous areas and explosion groups.

All are Euroepean suppliers.

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State of the art - Light & Health - Circadian Stimulus essay  

Light & Health

A circadian stimulus (CS) calculator

Exposure to a CS of 0.3 or greater at the eye, for at least one hour in the early part of the day, is effective for stimulating the circadian system and is associated with better sleep and improved behavior & mood.


Featured Product - DALI Dimming Switch

Scene setting plate, DALI/DSI digital dimming

  • Dimming functionality, two channel flexibility
  • Maintained Illuminance (daylight linking or daylight harvesting)
  • Digital detectors can control up to 20 dimming drivers / ballasts
  • Scene setting and recall
  • Lamp burn-in

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