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1- Lighting Design Targets:offering a complete lighting design in a developing country like Egypt or for middle east or Africa should combine also all lighting targets too

Lighting design is an architectural work that should combine architectural design targets with many technical standards. Good lighting design is not simply about achieving a required illuminance on the working plane, it is about creating and controlling the lit environment (Peter McLean, Best Practices in Lighting, 2004). Therefore the lighting knowledge of a lighting designer should expand to different fields of sciences and researches beginning with simple lighting spaces standards to the technologies available in the lighting market, even to health researches where many research works prove that good lighting enhances the mood and desirability of spaces as it contributes greatly to people's sense of well-being (

Through the following pages, we will present a brief guide for a lighting design and how to approach your target.

Lighting design targets can be outlines in three main perspectives, as follows:

    • Functional Targets
    • Architectural Targets
    • Environmental Targets be continued in the next page