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Dynamic Positioning Lighting Systems & Solutions

Dimmable lighting systems, movable positions and directional aiming of lighting points, can do stunning effects in the architectural design for landmarks and/or interior focal points; in addition to functional applications of scenes making.
moving shadows dynamic positioning for architectural lighiting designs
Shadows are very important element in lighting designs and it strongly affects our perception and mood. Varying these shadows using different intensities, moving points or optical focusing, shall therefore significantly increase its roll in architecural designs.

Scenes and Modes Dynamic Lighting Positioning for Architectural Lighting Designs

Many applications require identifying lighting scenes and/or general interior spaces scenes, for functional or comfort reasons. Architectural designs can make some magic touches through such systems.

Scenes Sequences for Dynamic Lighting Positioning for Architectural Lighting Designs

Consequence lighting scenes drived by manual or automated control are very useful in the architectural design in applications like exhibitions, facades and landmarks. It is used in guiding the spectators through consequence spaces, moods or story events.
Motion Dynamic Positioning Architectural Lighting Design
Motion effects in lighting designs add a dynamic ingredient to the static archeticural scenes. Lighting controls, fiber optics systems, movable fixtures and integrated systems are the tools for the unlimited creative ideas that can be achieved.

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